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TNR 101: Trapping to Make a Difference

Have you noticed a stray cat (or cats) around your house or in your neighborhood? Do you think it might be feral? What is one of the best ways for you to help the feral cats in your community? Is there someone to call who can come out to take care of the spaying/neutering process? What about getting involved yourself? These are the questions that the Community Cat Coalition’s TNR 101 class answers. TNR refers to Trap Neuter Return. This class covers the basics of this process.

The covered topics include assessing the site and situation for trapping, and making a plan.

  • How many cats are there?
  • Is there a good place to set the traps?
  • How urgent is the situation?
  • When are you available?
  • Do you need help?
  • When are spay/neuter appointments available? (Make your appointment early. CCC can provide information on organizations that offer free or discounted spay/neuter services. Some provide free rabies shots too.)
  • Where will the cats be held before and after?

TNR 101 goes into the different types of traps and the methods of using them. For example, it is important to keep a trap covered so that you do not alarm the cats after they have been trapped. They can injure themselves or become disturbed.


TNR Basics, an in-depth training manual detailing the entire TNR process, is available after you have taken the class.

The CCC can connect you with a mentor who can offer advice and/or assistance on your road to becoming an experienced trapper. If there are a large number of cats to trap, you may need assistance on trapping day. But, a great way to start would be to assist someone else with their trapping project.

There are many ways to help with TNR. You do not have to do it all yourself. The CCC offers classes, mentoring, equipment loans, and food for feral colonies (when available). See the link below for a list of upcoming classes. The classes will show you how to get involved and put you in contact with some great people to get you started.

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