Introducing Michelle, Keeper of the Scope and the Rescue Kit in the South

Michelle is a licensed vet tech (11 years) who has been very involved in rescue for a long time. She is currently president of the board and the foster program coordinator for South County Cats (SCC), and a volunteer on the Pasado’s spay station. Michelle is an advocate/rescuer for special needs cats, with a focus on neurological conditions. In particular, she focuses upon Cerebellar Hypoplasia (aka Wobbly Cat Syndrome).

PJ, one of Michelle’s favorite special needs cats.


She will be helping the CCC in a couple big ways.

  • Michelle has offered to be the keeper of the “scope.” She will have the south county microscope and will assist you in doing fecal exams on the cats you foster/rescue. Fecal exams can be a huge expense, many times involving a vet visit as well as the cost of the exam. As most of us know, the tests do not always pick up the problem.
  • She will also be the keeper of the “rescue kit.” The rescue kit is something we have put together to try to make some items more available for urgent situations. In addition to having a supply of Revolution and wormers, there will be a few medications (e.g., Amoxicillin and Clavamox) on hand. These medications will only be available through consultation with a vet. You can get a consultation free with our virtual vet. If you take your cat to a vet and the vet prescribes something we have, you can give that documentation to us and get the medications for free. You can always choose to pay at your vet or pharmacy. This is simply a way we are trying to help keep the costs of rescue down for you.

Michelle plans to do a basic rescue talk (date TBD) down south. Michelle came to the fecal exam class and will be coordinating classes in the south county areas, working in tandem with Brittany who is leading the way up north. Upcoming classes will be announced via our Yahoo e-mails and posted on our webpage as well.

  • If you need a virtual vet consult, you still e-mail Brittany answers this e-mail and consults with Dr. Gill as needed.
  • If you need to contact Michelle for supplies or to arrange for a stool sample exam, please e-mail and it will be forwarded to her.

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