Angel for Animals

Each year the Community Cat Coalition recognizes 3-5 people and/or businesses that exhibit extraordinary dedication to helping animals in need.

2015 Angel for Animals awards:

Angel for Animal Award
The Community Cat Coalition is proud to recognize Christian, a young man who has been with us from the start volunteering at events and fund raisers. Polite, caring and responsible, Christian always represents the CCC in a positive manner.
In addition to his volunteer work, Christian traps cats for TNR and socializes the kittens so they can be adopted into homes. That is no small feat. It takes patience and that special touch. Christian has it. When a feral kitten is tamed, they get to live the life of an owned cat and that is like winning the kitty lottery.
Two of our former Angel for Animals winners are shown here too. Sue Weaver and Janis Newman also have their angel wings.
Christian 11 Angel Award Winners



Certified arborists Tom Otto and Shaun Sears of Canopy Cats have been rescuing cats in trees all over the Puget Sound region.  This year they estimate that they will be saving 300 cats.  Whether owned or unowned these lucky cats are brought down safely from often incredible heights.  Donations are appreciated, but they understand that many people can’t afford to hire a professional climber and sometimes the cat in the tree doesn’t have a known owner, so they donate their gas, equipment, time and skills to save these cats.   Wow!   Thank you Canopy Cats, we love your heart. Check out their amazing rescue stories at .

Canopy Cats








2014 Angel for Animals awards:

Angel in Hiding…

When we went to give out our Angel for Animals awards, we had a TERRIBLE time! Why? We couldn’t find her! Was our Angel in hiding?

No – as is usual for her, Cheri was in constant motion. From Arlington to Tacoma, at rest stops and local airports, trailer courts and waste transfer stations, abandoned houses and… you get the picture, everywhere! – Cheri was out taking care of cats. Finding lost cats, trapping free roaming cats, rescuing abandoned cats, fostering, transporting, arranging spay/neuter services, medicating sick cats… her days never end. And do you want to know what is truly remarkable about this woman? She always has a smile on her face.

Cheri is a gentle soul, willing to hear both sides of the story. She helps anyone and everyone, with one thought in mind – let’s solve the problem. She’s a perfect example of our motto “be part of the solution” – we don’t see her sitting around saying “SOMEONE needs to do this…” – if she sees a problem, Cheri handles it. And she is the perfect example of another CCC value – accentuating the positive. In a world that can seem full of negativity, Cheri is always finding the positive. She has learned the importance of looking at the “glass half full”, and simply EXPECTS to see it fill up!

Cheri, with every cat you rescue, every life you save, you help keep the whole CCC glass more than half full. For this, and for all you do – every day, day in and day out – we thank you. You truly are the best, and we cannot think of anyone more deserving of an Angel for Animals award!

Cheri Angel Award













Dr. Gawley of the Cat Clinic at Canyon Park is our first Angel for the Animals Award recipient for 2014.   In addition to being a fabulous vet and diagnostician, Dr. Gawley has helped countless homeless and feral cats over the years. Her heart is amazing and you need only step in the Cat Clinic to see that she is a champion for homeless and abandoned animals.  The waiting room generally has several cats looking for homes and you will be greeted by lucky clinic cats who live there full time.  Thank you Dr. Gawley for all you have done for our community cats.

Dr. Gawley











In 2013 five Angel for Animals awards were granted:

Janet Berwick, owner of in Mill Creek offers space in her store for adoptable cats, sponsors fundraisers for various rescue group, works with property owners to find storefronts for major adoption events which she sponsors, has generously helped homeless cats with medical needs, and supports numerous rescue groups in the Puget Sound.









Janet with staff members Mark, Michael and Annette

Janis Newman is an independent rescuer who works every single day from the minute she wakes up to the minute she goes to bed to help the cats and to help others who help the cats.  She traps, transports, fosters and socializes cats and kittens in need.  She pays vet bills out of her own pocket, because when it is a choice between money and a life, there is no debate.  She stays up late into the night, nurturing that tiny life who may not make it – but if there is even a chance, she will take it.  Janis goes out of her way to be supportive of others needing a helping hand – arranging to transport their cats to and from the clinic, often doing their recoveries, donating time and medical treatments, giving advice or sometimes simply a shoulder to cry on.

Janis 4











Chuck and Marti Bartlett, owners of, believe that every dog and cat’s life is important. Therefore they support our local shelters and rescue organizations and encourage the public to adopt a pet instead of buying from a pet store or breeder.  Chuck and Marti provide space in their store for adoptable cats from several organizations and regularly hold fundraising events at their store and in the community to help rescue groups from around the Puget Sound.







Chuck and Marti

Sue Weaver goes out of her way to help in every facet of rescue – trapping, transport and recovery, fostering, bottle babies, taming feral kittens, assisting at events, sewing blankets for the fosters, maintaining health records, mentoring other rescuers – at any time of day or night. She is skilled in many procedures and assists a local vet with care of feral cats, and the list just keeps going. As one of our volunteers said “half of Snohomish County knows Sue – and the other half has heard about her!”. Sue is a person who just keeps on giving












Rick Carpenter and Tanya Weitz organize and manage annual beer fests in Seattle and Portland.  With many hours of work going into making these events successful, all proceeds are donated to rescue groups through their 501 (3) ( c), Pet Cross Charities.

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