Lost Cats

Where do our community cats come from? From lost and abandoned cats. One way to reduce the number of free-roaming cats is to reunite lost cats with their families. 

How to find your lost cat. Crash Course in Finding Your Lost Cat

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Lost Cat Checklist

lost checklist

Here are some things you can do right now to prevent the loss of your cat.

  • Microchip your cat.
  • Have your cat altered.  Cats who are spayed / neutered are more likely to stay close to home.
  • Build a catio or install deer fencing to keep your cat secure on your property.
  • If you have a door-dasher, teach your cat to stay away from the door.  Keep a can of rocks or pennies near the door and shake it if they linger near the door.  If that doesn’t work, place a “Scat Mat” at your door threshold.  This battery run device makes the feet tingle or gives a small shock depending on the setting you choose.  Available on Amazon.com and other pet supply stores.

Have you lost or found a cat?  Please post the cat here at Helping Lost Pets.




Posting on HeLP will ensure that your cat shows up on the Washington registry of lost and found cats.  This map-based system works great because people can search by map or area making it much easier to match lost and found cats.  Once you post on helpinglostpets.com/pet , the cat’s flyer will be posted automatically on the state page and then volunteers will share the post to local Facebook pages.How t

 Find a Lost Cat – Csh Course

 Online Flyer Creator

Door Hangers – Click here for a Microsoft Word door hanger to pass out to neighbors.

Business Card Template – Click here for a Microsoft Word business card template.  Print in card stock and cut out or use Avery Inkjet printer cards.

 Found Cat Checklist

 Found Cat Checklist TM

How to Set a Humane Trap for a Lost Cat

If you have lost or found a cat, here are some online places to post.

Helping Lost Pets [Pets posted here will automatically be posted to Lost Cats Washington and show up on the Washington Registry of lost cats.]



Lost Cats of Snohomish County

Lost Cats of King County 

Lost Cats of Pierce County

Puget Sound Area Resources 

Puget Sound Area Shelters

Trap Loan Resources

Lost Cat Recovery Information

Missing Pet Partnership


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